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Aircraft Reconnaissance

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Tropical Globe's Live Reconnaissance System

  • Current Recon | Reconnaissance Archive
    Tropical Globe has live reconnaissance in the Atlantic and East Pacific basins for the Air Force and NOAA hurricane hunters. Dropsonde data from the NASA Global Hawk is also available when the data is relayed in the same way as NOAA dropsondes. Sometimes dropsonde data is also available in the West Pacific near Taiwan as part of Taiwan's DOTSTAR (Dropwindsonde Observations for Typhoon Surveillance near the Taiwan Region) project.

    For a tutorial on how to use our recon system, and for additional informative info, click here.

National Hurricane Center's (NHC) Aircraft Reconnaissance

  • Plan of the Day: For Today | For Tomorrow
    The Plan of the Day details planned recon missions. To view how to read the Plan of the Day, click here. The Plan of the Day is often released around 11am to noon Eastern time daily during the hurricane season. The "For Tomorrow" link contains the most recently released Plan of the Day. The "For Today" link is the prior issued Plan of the Day, usually from the previous day. If a Plan of the Day is corrected, then both links might have data from the same day. If that happens you can view older plans here.
  • NHC's Reconnaissance Data Archive
    In this near real-time archive you can access raw text data from the NHC from 1989 to the present. It might take about 15 to 30 minutes before data appears in the archive.

Sites of the Hurricane Hunters

  • Air Force Hurricane Hunters (Website, Twitter, Facebook)
    The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (view Wikipedia entry) is part of the 403rd Wing (view Wikipedia entry), part of the U.S. Air Force. You can view a fact sheet here about the Air Force hurricane hunters. For news, click here to view news articles on the Air Force's website.
  • NOAA Hurricane Hunters (Website, Twitter, Facebook)
    The NOAA Hurricane Hunters (view Wikipedia entry) are part of the Department of Commerce.
  • NASA Hurricanes / Tropical Cyclones (Website, Twitter, Facebook)
    NASA has an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), the Global Hawk, which can fly up to about 24 hours over a storm. NASA also has other aircraft used in tropical research missions that our site does not track. You can track NASA aircraft here.

Other Data & Information