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Aircraft Reconnaissance

Live Reconnaissance Data: Current Recon | Manual Decoder

National Hurricane Center's (NHC) Aircraft Reconnaissance Page
This page includes planned missions to investigate disturbed weather and storms. It also contains the latest raw recon data.

Reconnaissance Flight Plan: For Today | For Tomorrow (How to Read)

Chapter 5 and Appendix G of the National Hurricane Operations Plan (NHOP) can be read for an understanding of how our site's recon decoder works. For historical versions of NHOP, from 1970 to present, you can visit here.

Here is a really good paper about the estimated reduction factors that can help estimate the surface winds in storms based on flight level winds:
GPS Dropwindsonde Wind Profiles in Hurricanes and Their Operational Implications

You can access raw archived recon data from the NHC here:
Reconnaissance Data Archive

NOAAPort server of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Climate and Weather Resource Center:
This site has raw data for NOAA products. It may have data faster than it appears in the NHC recon archive. However, the site often does not work well.
Direct link to: KNHC | KWBC | Listing of more ICAO identifiers with data

Learn about the Air Force and NOAA Hurricane Hunters by visiting their sites:
Air Force Hurricane Hunters
NOAA Hurricane Hunters
On Facebook: Air Force Hurricane Hunters | NOAA Hurricane Hunters

Hurricane Data from NOAA's Hurricane Research Division (HRD)
NOAA's HRD contains additional information for NOAA recon.

Blog from NOAA's Hurricane Research Division (HRD)
Their blog has a lot of great information, especially about NOAA missions.