Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 7:22 GMT

Aerial Reconnaissance in the North Atlantic Basin

Atlantic recon in the last hour...

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System Status: Updating every minute. (summary)

15 product files are currently monitored in this basin.

Last check for data: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 7:21 Z

Live product and aircraft pages are not yet available

Live product pages for the Atlantic:

Live product pages by aircraft, regardless of basin:

Additional Raw NOAA Recon Data: AXBT | Radar

NOAA AXBT and radar data does not yet appear in our live system. (AXBT data will likely appear by the end of September.) Please use the live mirrors above to view data. For AXBT data, you can then decode the raw text data in our manual recon decoder.

Simple Google Maps mapping is not yet available in this new system. Only Google Earth mapping data is currently created. Additionally, older HDOB decoders have not yet been re-written and have an ugly looking output. The vortex decoder has also yet to be completely re-written, so these features will become less stable as they are rewritten. Older Google Earth recon mapping will eventually be added, although mapping prior to 2007 will not appear for awhile as the older HDOB decoders that process data specifically for Google Earth have yet to be re-written.

Live Atlantic recon mapping...

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For a tutorial on how to use our recon system, click here. For a version of our Google Earth recon product that does not automatically fly to the plane's current location and allows you to view multiple missions at once, click here.
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