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Site Updates

January 14th, 2016

Older model data in our model system has been removed and should be recreated by the end of January. This process takes time. Older invests, since 2003, may not be recreated until later than that. Our site will be installing a newer version of our model system which requires all data be recreated. This will be an intermediate step in our model system update. We will eventually make further improvements to the code, likely in 2017, which will likely require recreating the data again. Other new features may also be added in 2017 to the model system. This intermediate step will allow for a new feature that will then be added in the coming months. The new feature is currently being finished offline and after testing will be implemented on what will then be the newer model system. The new feature also has a broader component that will be added, possibly after the integration with the NHC model system. We will discuss the new feature once it is ready.

January 8th, 2016

The Flash diagrams in the model system have now been updated. If you have any suggestions or find any issues, please contact us.

Next up is updating some of the model system's code which will make way for a new feature in the next few months that will be finished and then tested.

January 1st, 2016

Our system had not yet experienced a tropical cyclone forming in one year and lasting into the next, as was the case for Tropical Depression Nine-C in the Central Pacific. We have now made corrections that should handle the storm properly.

The Google Maps mapping for the recon system will likely not be available until at least the middle part of 2016. Currently I am updating the Flash diagrams for the model system. After that I am working on a small addon to the model system that I will discuss within the next few months if testing goes well. Then I will get back to the recon system. I will try to replace the Google Earth browser plugin mapping in the recon system with an alternative since it is being discontinued. I also need to update the NOAA P-3 radar feature in the recon system to work more efficiently. I hope to have that all done before the 2016 Atlantic season starts. Then I will be working on the Google Maps mapping for the recon system. It might be late 2016 before it is done. I plan on updating the model system in 2017 to utilize better coding and possibly have some new features which I will discuss later in the year as I get more done.

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