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Manual Reconnaissance Decoder
This manual decoder decodes high density (HDOB), reconnaissance code (RECCO), dropsonde, and vortex messages from Air Force and NOAA aircraft performing reconnaissance in both tropical and non tropical systems.

characters (25,000 max)  

Main Options
Render decoded message as:

* Some data left out for URNT15 in the message board friendly option.

(not available for the Western Pacific) - About this product

Include option to map observations with Google Maps:

(Available with "HTML Table" and "Message Board Friendly" renders)

More Options
Dropsonde Decoder Options (UZNT13):

View diagram of normal size
(Only available with the "HTML Table" render option)

Vortex Decoder Options (URNT12):

Add informative information in addition to the normal output.

Using this mode, the decoder will reject the output if it can't decode every single item, exluding the remarks section which often has data that our decoder cannot decode, and makes sure that every item is there, unless the vortex is noted as abbreviated. Without this mode, the decoder will simply present the undecoded data in the output and not check to see if every item is there. Strict mode is not recommended.

Independent Calculations (only available for URNT15 with HTML Table render) for Manual Decoder